Using A Cash House Buyer Oklahoma City Vs Using A Realtor

by | Sep 1, 2022

When seeking to sell properties, homeowners need to choose between reliable cash house buyer Oklahoma City companies and realtors. These are major means of getting rid of your property easily. 

Home sales in Oklahoma City and other neighboring states are done via various means. While some distressed sellers use the traditional means by hiring realtors and house agents, some prefer the modern way and sell their house as-is to cash house buyer Oklahoma City

Which raises the question, which is better? Choosing the one to choose will depend on several factors which suit our needs. Let’s compare both ways of selling properties to see which one is better.

Who Is A Cash House Buyer Oklahoma City?

Cash house buyers are real estate investors who purchase properties intending to resell them. This is a house buyer who has a real estate license to buy properties from distressed sellers. These sellers deal with various situations which make them seek cash home buyers for a quick sale.

Some are on the brink of bankruptcy, have foreclosure issues or want to migrate. These cash house buying firms can buy properties as-is, which takes away the use of repairs or upgrades from homeowners. 

Many times, homeowners are too busy to handle home sales and need a credible selling firm that can take the stress away from them.

Who are realtors?

Realtors, often called listing agents, are real estate experts who work for a real estate agency. While some work solo, the aim is to help homeowners list homes and find a worthy buyer. They provide advice on home sales and avenues you can sell your property. 

Moreover, these realtors will help list your property and notify other agents about your house. Before you can hire a realtor, you will need to sign some form of agreement which contains their commission and time frame for the home sale. Usually, a realtor’s commission is around 4-7% of the home sale price.


Pros Of Selling To A Cash House Buyer Oklahoma City Company

Here are some reasons why using a cash house buyer is better :

They pay cash

A cash house buyer in Oklahoma City will make a fair cash offer. By doing this, a house buyer won’t resort to bank finance or inspection before paying you your funds. This means you will get your money quickly and without going to the banks.

Purchase House as-is

Irrespective of the condition of your property, it will be purchased by a cash house buyer Oklahoma City. This is especially useful if you have an aged or damaged house and it reduces your cost. These buying firms are ready to buy it as-is and make upgrades on their own.

They don’t collect commissions

Unlike realtors, cash house buyer Oklahoma City agencies don’t collect any fees. Houses aren’t cheap, so many agents try to collect percentages on the final home sale. When you sell your house to a reliable cash house buyer, you are paid fully and no dedications are made.

Pros of using a realtor

Here are some benefits of using realtor services:

They help price your house

Selling your house is tasking, especially when it comes to pricing and marketing. A realtor can help you get a buyer quickly and help negotiate a better price. Realtors have experienced home negotiators and have the right information to help with pricing.

The relieve your stress 

The home selling process can be daunting and for busy homeowners, you will need a good realtor to help you out. While it will cost a bit, they will help list your property, better pricing and handle all negotiations.


Cash House Buyer Oklahoma City

Cash house buyers in Oklahoma city are a better option when seeking to sell your house. They are cheaper, more credible and easily accessible than realtors. Best Offer Okc is an ideal choice when you want a cash house buyer that can help sell your house fast.